HR Outsourcing FAQs

Discover answers to some common queries about outsourcing your HR to Exceed Outsourcing.

Call 0800 612 8787 to discuss how our alternatives to in-house human resources can help your business thrive.

1. If I outsource our HR, will I lose control over my employees?

Absolutely not.

With HR outsourcing, your staff remain employees of your business/organisation throughout.

Exceed will simply provide HR support to you and your team.

2. In which jurisdictions do Exceed Outsourcing provide outsourced HR services?

Exceed provide outsourced human resources to businesses and organisations in the UK and crown dependencies such as the Isle of Man.

Our services are always tailored to be compliant with the relevant legislation in that jurisdiction and to suit the business/ industry/ sector.

3. We don't currently have an employee handbook for our business. Is this a legal requirement?

It is a legal requirement to give all employees a written statement of particulars of employment.

Having a staff handbook isn’t a legal requirement in itself, but it gives you an opportunity to set out in detail what you expect from your staff.

It is a means of sharing with employees important information about your organisation and how it works on a day-to-day basis.

An employee handbook is also a handy place to keep forms (or links to them) for sickness self-certification, requesting holidays, claiming expenses and so on.

Exceed can help with all of this.

4. If Exceed manage our holiday requests, how much control do I have over whether they are approved or not?

You will be in complete control.

Holidays requests will come to you for authorisation.

Once authorised, we will look after the administration of the holidays as well as absence reporting.

5. If my managers or employees have any issues, who should they contact?

If your business is on an unlimited HR package with Exceed, all your staff can call us for support on 0800 612 8787.

If you have a more limited package, Exceed can support pre-authorised individuals.

Please call us on 0800 612 8787 so that we can give guidance.