Exceed’s Managerial Team

Our team of payroll, HR and recruitment specialists help people and businesses thrive. 

We deliver exceptional Contractor Payroll, and our Outsourced Payroll and Outsourced HR services help improve business productivity.

Established in 2013, Exceed is led by our Senior Management Team: Matthew (Matt) Parsons, Barry Mellor, Danny Austin and Lynne Wall.

To outsource to Exceed, call our team on 0800 612 8787 or email info@exceedoutsourcing.co.uk


Matt Parsons, Managing Director, Exceed Outsourcing

Matthew Parsons

Managing Director

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Barry Mellor, Director, Exceed Outsourcing

Barry Mellor

Operations Director

Danny Austin, Associate Sales Director, Exceed Outsourcing

 Danny Austin

Associate Sales Director

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Lynne Wall, Human Resources Manager, Exceed Outsourcing

Lynne Wall

Human Resources Manager