Compliance is Paramount


Compliance is at the heart of all payroll and HR  services delivered by Exceed.

You can rest-assured that payments and deductions are handled correctly and accurately by Exceed, because:


Exceed Contracting is a PayePass Verified Provider of Umbrella Payroll – an independent, insurance-backed guarantee that Exceed is a legitimate payroll intermediary and will NOT expose recruitment agencies, contractors or end-clients to any risks or consequences of payroll misconduct.

Each quarterly PayePass Verify audit scrutinises the full financial journey of funds through Exceed Contracting, from timesheet and invoice, through all processes and calculations, to payments to contractors and HMRC.

No other payroll auditing provider or current compliance standard analyses payroll functions and calculations to the extent that PayePass Verify does



Since July 2019, Exceed have been audited, approved, and accredited annually by Professional Passport, the largest independent assessor of payment intermediary compliance in the UK.

We have their insurance backed stamp of approval for all our payroll services; Umbrella Payroll, CIS Sole Trader, Payroll Bureau and Joint Employment (PEO) solutions.



Our services are tailored to be compliant with the relevant legislation in each jurisdiction and to suit the business/ industry/ sector.



Our transparent approach is led by Barry Mellor, Operations Director and co-founder of Exceed, who oversees all our technical processes – from our customer support and payroll processes, to the detailed understanding of employment and tax legislation, regulation and risk management.

Barry is a Fellow of the International Compliance Association and the Association of Tax Technicians, and has 20+ years experience in Tax and Outsourcing services.



We also work with independent external advisors Squire Boggs and Pattern, and Ernst and Young, in order to maintain our high standards. 

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