Umbrella Company Myths - Separating Truth from Fiction

Umbrella Company Myths – Separating Fact from Fiction

Umbrella companies play an important role in helping huge numbers of contract workers to retain the flexibility of temporary locum work, but with the benefits of employment. Here we tackle some of the most common umbrella company myths in circulation.

umbrella holiday pay

Umbrella Company Holiday Pay Explained

How Does Umbrella Company Holiday Pay Work? If you are an umbrella company employee, you’re legally entitled to holiday pay. Taking a break from contracting doesn’t have to break up your income when you’re employed by an umbrella. Holiday pay from Exceed Contracting enables temps, contractors and locums to take time off without jeopardising their finances.…

The Positive Impact of Apprenticeships

When someone mentions apprenticeships, most people think of apprentices learning a physical trade – such as becoming a plumber, scaffolder or electrician. Once upon a time this was true, but apprenticeships have changed significantly over time. In this article we explore what modern day apprenticeships looks like and the benefits of such training for individuals…

Tips for Contract Renewals

Key Tips for Contract Renewals

It’s an inevitability of temporary work that assignments and contracts come to an end. This leaves contractors with two options, find a new contract or try to renew. In this article, we offer some tips to maximise the value of your contract renewal.   Top Tips for Negotiating a Contract Renewal   1. Have a…

How to write a good CV

A Simple Guide To Writing A CV

Here’s our guide to writing a good CV, from the HR and recruitment specialists at Exceed Outsourcing.   Your CV is the key to a company’s first impression of you. They’re looking at you through the peephole, but they don’t know whether or not to let you in. Here’s some tips to improve your chances of…